Last moments of freedom and classes

On Tuesday, the last day before class, we squeezed onto the crowded metro and popped off at the Champs Élysées, whereupon we intended to just walk to the Arc de Triomphe. However, three girls on a long road filled with stores…it required several brief respites from the heat *cough shopping cough*. But thankfully the Arc managed to stay standing while we were delayed, and we snapped a couple pics before heading home for dinner. I won’t even begin describing the food because it would have everyone running to the nearest bakery only to be disappointed. 




I also discovered my dream job! It’s a PR and Communications position that requires a bilingual, highly personable young adult, who dabbles in cartography. Oh, and most importantly, a sense of humor:


Bike tours! 

On this most glorious of days, we had our first day of school, both Hillary and I were placed in the intermediate intensive French class, albeit in different sections. My class consists of about 12 people ranging from 20-30, from a whole host of countries, including Lithuania! As it turns out, the French aren’t prone to exageration and it will indeed be an intensive course, with loads of homework and five hours of class per day. 

To celebrate the last day of Katherine’s visit and the first day of classes we went out to dinner, walked about for a bit and finally returned home to enjoy a nice bottle of Rosé Champagne. Katherine did not trust my cork removal skills and insisted upon hiding behind the wall in the corner, oh ye of little faith (needless to say the cork was expertly handled). Image


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