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One week until I get a mad sunburn

In one week I am flying from Boston to London (where my layover is long enough that I will head into the city) and on to Johannasburg before eventually, 34 hours later, landing in the capitol of Madagascar. Two days later I will fly down to Fort Dauphin, where my program is based. The official title of my program is Madagascar: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management, but I have dubbed it the Semester of Awesomeness. It is a field based program (conducted all in French), so rather than taking classes at the University of Madagascar, I will be taking classes at the University of Nature, i.e. in the field (and a small building). I will have a variety of living situations of which I know very little at this point, that include four weeks with a homestay family, one week in a rural village and LOTS of camping. Needless to say, I’m extremely stoked to burst the Bowdoin bubble and begin this adventure. I was limited to two pairs of shoes, 21 articles of clothing, two notebooks, and a variety of camping gear. I will have my computer and intermittent internet access so feel free to email/facebook me.

My life for the next four months. Gotta love it.

My life for the next four months. Gotta love it.

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