Fort Dauphin

For the first two nights in Fort Dauphin we stayed at a small hotel with running water. It’s really funny that I now consider running water the lap of luxury…oh how things change for the better. Anyways, we got acquainted with the town in a series of drop offs, where they sent us off in pairs to explore the town in some sort of crazy scavenger hunt. For example, the second day, Marley and I were assigned to bring back meat for our lunch the next day and sent to the market. This may seem like a simple, everyday task to you, but really, it was like trying to negotiate a pedestrian walkway while driving a semitrailer. The first meat we found was Zebu meat in the ‘meat section’ of the market, which really means about 20 venders under one small roof all waving large slabs of freshly cut meat in your face while trying to avoid getting pelted in the eye by one of the million flies that were about. And I won’t even mention the smell. But, all in all, it was wicked cool because there were intact halves of zebus hanging from the rafters, so you know the meat is really fresh (and that means it tastes better too). Anyways, Marley and I decided to opt for the chicken since we had to carry the meat for a while…and the chickens are only sold live. So we bought two live chickens and carried them around upside-down for a bit while we explored the market. We felt like we really belonged in the market once we were carrying those bad boys. 

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One thought on “Fort Dauphin

  1. Cassie

    I’ve been checking your blog every day for new posts because I am just so excited that you are here! It’s fun reading about the same place from a different perspective. I remember walking through the meat market, and though I just did once, I will never forget that smell!

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