Living and School

My school is a largish one-room schoolhouse located in Libanona, which is this tiny peninsula, coincidentally right next to the best beach in town. We can even see the ocean on two sides from the porch if we stand really tall. We have class from 8am until 4-5pm everyday except when we have excursions, which is actually quite frequently, yay! And we all eat lunch together on the grass outside the classroom unless it’s raining (which it does a lot here, by product of it being the rainforest and all).

I’m currently living with my host family in the QMM housing outside of the city. I had really hoped to rough it, but it’s more like the middle class housing here. But thankfully there are still cockroaches and bucket showers to keep me humble. I normally have to take a bus in to school, which is about 4 miles from here, but I’m planning on investing in a bicycle so that I can have a little more freedom, plus, as you know, I love to bike.

      Manana fianakaciana tsara zaho. I Manampisoa no Dadako sy i Mialy dia neniko. Manana anadahy roa zaho, I Irintsoa sy Tiary. Mipetraka ao Phase III izahay. Manana dadatoa raiki sy nenitoa efatra zaho. Tia miahaino mozika Adele ny fianakavianako. Which all translates from Malagasy to English as My family is nice. My father is called Manampisoa and my mother is called Mialy. I have two brothers, Irintsoa and Tiary. We live in Phase III. I have one uncle and three aunts. My family likes to listen to Adele.

      My brothers are 11 months old and 2.5 years old and probably the most adorable things ever. Irintsoa likes to play hide and seek with me, or the game Climb All Over Evelyn, which is actually super cute and I don’t mind it at all. Both of my parents went to college in Tana and moved back to Fort Dauphin to work for the mine. They speak French and Malagasy fluently so I’ve gotten a lot of practice speaking French. They hosted two other students before me, both from Texas, but apparently I speak the best French so we get along quite nicely. I have my own simple litte room with a bed and dresser; there is even a fan on the wall that I can turn on if the temperature gets above 90˚F.

      All in all, things are fantastic and I couldn’t possibly be having a better time, especially since I am one of the few people who haven’t yet gotten sick! But, I’m sure my time will come, so I’m not holding out too much. 

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